Covid advice for Ralliers.     Covid advice for ralliers.    

North Staffordshire Centre's Covid Guidance for Rallies.

The process for each individual rally will be advised to ralliers by the Marshals upon booking.

PAYMENT FOR WEEKEND RALLIES (i.e. NOT prepaid rallies)

It has been decided by the Committee that we will continue to accept cash on weekend rallies. However, the following procedure must be adhered to by all ralliers and marshals.

1.Three days prior to attending the rally, the rallier must place the exact monies into either a clear sealed bag or envelope with their name and the amount enclose noted on the outside.
2. This envelope is to be placed on a table/surface/box outside the Marshals van on arrival.
3. The above information is to be notified to the Rallier by the Marshal at least a week before the rally/when the booking is made.
4 The Marshal can then open the envelope on the following day to check monies and prepare the payment for the landowner. By this time the monies should be quite safe to handle.
5 Cash then to be passed to the Landowner for the appropriate payment. The Landowner may very well email a copy receipt to the Rally Secretary to try and avoid too much paperwork changing hands. It is important that the Marshal makes a note of what has been paid over on the rally return form.
6 It is important that a full list of attendees is forwarded to the Treasurer with the appropriate paperwork (for Covid requirements).

If you have any queries regarding this please contact either the Treasurer or Rally Secretary.

North Staffordshire Centre Committee
7 April 2021

What you should expect on a Covid Secure Rally - Guidance from Headquarters.

We very much welcome you back to rallying with us, however, there are some changes we have had to implement on a rally that you need to be aware of.
The Coronavirus pandemic remains a significant threat to public health, therefore we need to implement certain restrictions on the rally, and for the time being a rally is purely for the siting of leisure vehicles.

All Club Centre rallies have to have completed a full Covid Risk Assessment which is to be sent to Head Office 7 days prior to the rally starting, and this is to ensure that all aspects of the rally are operated in line with Covid secure protocols, health and safety and government guidelines.
All guidance has been provided by the Club to ensure that we are compliant with current legislation, and more importantly, to keep all of us safe.


1 Unwell on a rally. -
If you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attempt to travel to a rally.
It is very important that if you feel unwell during the rally that you follow the Government and NHS guidance:
a) Contact NHS 111
b) Call the Rally Officer/Marshal on the phone number provided and inform them - they will make a record of the incident.
c) If a case is suspected on a rally, and if you are able to, please leave the rally and travel home to self-isolate and be tested. Prior to leaving the rally, access for
members of the affected outfit to common service points will only be allowed at a pre-agreed time with disinfection of the service point afterwards. All refuse waste from the outfit should be double-bagged and taken home - not disposed of on site.

2 Track and Trace.
The Rally Officer will retain all details of those attending the rally for 21 days after the event, when it will be safely destroyed.
Please use the QR codes for track and trace that will be displayed at the rally

3 Pre-arrival at a Rally
Remember that at the present time the rally is for siting of leisure vehicles only. Social gatherings and meetings of groups from different households will not be taking place,
except those in line with the limited numbers allowed under current Government guidance.

4 Travelling to a rally
Where possible, when travelling to a rally, please avoid busy transport hubs, such as motorway services, to reduce the risk of contamination.

5 Paying for a rally
Please see seperate notice above with regard to rally payments.

6 Arriving at a rally
We will not be passing out any paperwork when you arrive on the rally and we are not able to provide any refreshments either.
Rally plaques will be distributed at a later time once restrictions are lifted.
There are no visitors allowed to visit the rally.

7 Pitching up
Spacing between units will be strictly monitored on the rally.
Please follow the instructions from the Rally Officer to allow for as little interaction as possible and adhere to social distancing measures.
We may have to limit the numbers on the rally to ensure that the rally is not too busy.

8 Flag / Social Activities
We are not able to hold a gathering at Flag, nor can we offer any social type events/gatherings.
We cannot erect any awnings/gazebos/marquees/event tents for common shelter or social activities at this time.
We may be able to operate sports and games, but these will be strictly in accordance with Government regulations.
No food or drink can be shared amongst ralliers.

9 Water taps and service points
We need to ensure that there will be adequate social distancing around any water taps and service points. Please maintain a distance if there are ralliers already in the area and avoid queuing where possible.

10 Waste disposal and refuse
If the landowner has not provided secure disposal of refuse we ask that you take your rubbish home with you.
Any grey waste must be disposed of in the allocated agreed points.

11 Hygiene.
There will be additional signage on a rally to remind members to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after using service points, waste disposal (if provided) or electric hook-ups.
We may provide extra hand sanitiser at service points, but we expect ralliers to have their own supply in their unit.

12 Discipline
Remember that we all have a responsibility to be mindful and considerate to fellow Club members and ralliers, and in particular, we should follow any procedures, practices and Government legislations in place.
Parents remain responsible for the conduct of their children whilst on the rally. During these difficult times we ask that parents ensure that their children continue to social distance and follow the rules in place to minimise transmission of the virus.
Our Rally Officers are not expected to ‘police’ the rally and ensure that members are complying with the guidance. Any allegations of misbehaviour on a rally will be investigated by the Centre Committee, and may lead to a disciplinary process being undertaken in accordance with Centre Rules.

Your Centre is run by volunteer members and we are working as hard as we can to ensure that rallying can continue. <br>We appreciate your support with this.